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 Real life examples

Internal change communication at site relocation

From within the company, 350 employees from seven locations were to be brought together at a new location within nine months. The goal was to improve cooperation. The previous setup in different locations often made communication and control in cooperation complicated. Management and consultant hypothesis at the beginning: This step will not be accepted by all employees. In addition to the change in location, a spatial restructuring was also planned: instead of closed offices for 2 employees each, more open office spaces without doors are meant to lead to a better understanding among employees. The new site itself had to be reconstructed. From a psychological point of view, anxieties and resistances had to be foreseen. At the same time, it was to be expected that "ambassadors of the new" could also be won, convinced from the outset of the need for change.

Performance-based payment structure City of Munich

Rewarding exceptional achievements.

To honour performances and exceptional commitment at work, the city of Munich introduced the performance-based payment structure. For professional engagement that went far beyond the requirements of the job descriptions, premiums were to be awarded. Award worthy performances of individual employees or groups were to be recognized once a year. After the presentation Commission decided on a premium application, it was up to the manager to lead the premium discussion with the affected employees.

Vision meeting Neopost

To convey clear goals and expectations.

The Neopost GmbH & Co. KG offers innovative solutions for automation and increased efficiency in mail processing in Germany and Austria. The company's expertise ranges from consulting, planning and implementation to equipping and providing facilities to modern post offices. In order for employees to understand the business objectives and how they can support these objectives through their personal work, they must be clearly informed about successful behavior in the past, about the current business situation and the desired market positioning of Neopost .They must also know, what is specifically expected from them and how they can meet those expectations. To assist the staff members involved, Neopost has developed its own brand values, characterizing the behavior among colleagues as well as towards customers: “Brilliant Basics”.

Restructuring development area automotive group

Realignment within automotive group.

In order to meet the challenges of the market and to reinforce its leadership in innovation in the automotive industry, the company wanted to realign the new product development process. Approximately 6,000 employees in the development area were affected. This area was to be restructured to a large extent.

Brand Labs Cirquent

Brand enthusiasm through participation.

Various IT service companies from all over Germany operated under the Munich Softlab Group for several years. Each company had its own name, its own values and its own brand identity. The goal was to combine these different companies under the umbrella of a strong brand. That meant: same name, same logo and the same values. It entailed bringing different cultures together while creating a common understanding of the business objectives, so that the employees could identify with the newborn brand - Cirquent – and be proud of their affiliation.

Change audit in an IT service

Restructuring of the IT service of a large German industrial group.

The IT service provider of a major German industrial group launched a comprehensive restructuring program. Its goals were cost reduction and process optimization. The focus in future should be more on the know-how and sales-intensive sectors "Consult & Design." On the other hand, the bread and butter business "Build& Operate" was to be increasingly standardized and consolidated so as to offer these services in future to the parent company at a lower price.

Strategic leadership development

Project with a marketing agency for a nationwide retail company.

The marketing agency has been assisting the two sales divisions of the retail company in the design, implementation and production of all marketing and communication activities. At the time, the new CEO of the marketing agency wanted to introduce more clarity and consistency into the management processes. Different styles of leadership and lack of requisite management tools dominated the picture. In addition, a program to increase productivity made new demands on the management team. A completely new management level was introduced to handle the range of leadership that had become too large. To this effect, new team leaders were introduced with full staff and management responsibilities - very often "from colleague to boss". Central tasks were setting targets, resource and quality management, process optimization, conflict management and powerful leadership communication.

Realignment of the 90 Karstadt department stores

In September 2004, Karstadt AG plunged into a deep crisis. The measures for reorganization and restructuring were a red rag for many employees and managers: fear and uncertainty dominated the stores for months. Project objectives: under the slogan "Fascination - The Department Store” a realignment of the Karstadt department stores has been running since spring 2005.

Change management training at the IAF NRW

Internal consultant training at the Institute for training and development of police NRW.

The increasing number of reorganizations in the county police NRW requires an increasing professionalization of counselors. The aim of the reorganization project was to increase security for citizens by creating more efficient structures and the use of modern technologies.

Sales and service campaign of a financial services business

Realignment of financial services automotive group.

The global financial services business of an automotive group wanted to remain among the best in the market in future and be able to meet the challenges ahead. For this purpose, however, the past success of the leasing and financing business alone was no longer sufficient. In addition to its core businesses, growth in new business areas was to be especially promoted in the future. For a better support of sales of new, innovative products, the organizational structure was first to be adjusted accordingly. This was decided by the new CEO, who had just started work.

Role model for leadership communication - Delphi

Delphi included “Kaizen” implementation with intensive change communication.

Delphi is a leading global automotive supplier. The company employs over 160,000 people and has 152 manufacturing sites in 34 countries. Since 2005, various Kaizen activities are run at the Osberghausen plant following the Toyota production model. Kaizen is Japanese, meaning “Kai” = change/transformation and "Zen" = for the better. With this process of continuous improvement, the plant aims to improve in particular its competitiveness with respect to other Delphi plants. The implementation, however, has had repeated problems and the mood of the employees towards Kaizen is mostly negative.

Dialogue event Corpus Sireo

Strong leadership messages as a success factor in a post-merger integration.

Integration of the Corpus Real Estate Group GmbH & Co. KG with the Sireo Real Estate was technically completed on 1.1.2008. This resulted in the CORPUS SIREO Holding GmbH & Co KG, a leader in asset management. Apart from the purely technical change the integration also involved changes that affected the working lives of staff directly: new management structures were established, certain fields of business were given greater independence and work processes had to be adapted to the requirements of the market - especially against the backdrop of the global real estate and financial crisis. In this time of change it was necessary to inform the staff of CORPUS SIREO of strategic objectives, address potential concerns about their professional future and answer further questions.

Restructuring of a financial institution

Internal communication campaign due to termination of a field of business.
The SAMPLE BANK wants to reorient itself following failed merger negotiations with another financial services business: The objective is to assert the position of the bank in the financial market as a streamlined, commercial real estate operation and thereby strengthen the international business side. As part of this realignment the SAMPLE BANK discontinues private real estate financing, as this business is costly with low margins. The realignment affects about a third of the staff directly: Either their position no longer exists in the target image of the new organization or they are incorporated as key players in other divisions of the SAMPLE BANK. During this time of change, uncertainty among staff with respect to their continued employment is at its maximum, staff turnover increases and the commitment to the company rapidly loses its intensity.

 Client quotes

"Our leadership meeting with Dr. Strasser and Ms. Frankenberger flew by and I and my colleagues will remember it for a long time. Dr. Strasser and Ms. Frankenberger impressed us from the start with their friendly and confident manner! The "spark" caught immediately and the group was ready and open to what lay ahead."

Carola Zaiß-Hillmeister
Deputy Member of the Board of LBS Bayern

"Ever since the beginning of our cooperation in 2007, Strasser & Strasser have directed our progress with its group dynamics with great expertise and experience and also with a lot of sensitivity on the interpersonal level in the right direction. We were able to follow this direction at executive level and successfully move the team development forward. We have continually received very positive feedback on the seminar from the participants. The competent and open style of moderation demonstrated by Dr. Strasser and Ms Koch gave rise to multiple suggestions for discussion in the group and led to very good results."

Sven Korndörffer
Head of Communications, Aareal Bank

"Strasser and Strasser helped us to very successfully kickoff our project and I am very happy that we made such good progress. I'm a friend of moderated events anyway and enjoyed the presence of Dr. Strasser and Ms Koch very much."

Ingeborg M. Warschke
Bank Director, Head of Real Estate Finance International, Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen

"Thanks to valuable ideas and target-oriented guidance by Dr. Strasser during our change process, we are very confident that we will pull out of our change process with a positive upside. Her consultancy work helps us to continue as an innovative and progressive company in our field. Dr. Strasser’s empathy, detailed knowledge and sophistication empowered us to move from the planning stage into action and to think and act much more effectively as a management team."

Mr Josef Niggl und Mr Mag. Engelbert Pürrer
Former CEO of Huber GmbH Precision Engineering in Geretsried

"A very big thank you to Strasser & Strasser for the equally competent, warm and friendly service and work with our Team Workshop in Reinstorf."

Karol Musialik
Head of Mathematics Life Insurance, Generali Insurance

"Strasser & Strasser has a comprehensible and people-oriented Change Management approach based on informing the individual about changes and thereby strengthening their capability for personal responsibility."

Michael Pantner
Head of Marketing and Communications, D.A.S. AG

"I would like to thank Ms Vlahovic for the successful seminar. In my scale of grading the events I have attended so far I rate this event with top marks."

Wolfgang Maier
Head of Process Organization, Sparkasse Staufen-Breisach

"The combination of Ms Koch's 'psychological' knowledge and Mr. Korndörffers inexhaustible practical application was perfect. The seminar inspired all participants to build networks, to maintain them and participate for everyone’s benefit."

Claudia Anke
Envia Middle German Energy Ltd

"The dialogue events enabled us lay the foundation for open communication based on mutual trust at CORPUS SIREO. Now it is up to all of us to implement our values such as courage or respect in our working life."

Julia Endres
Head of Marketing, CORPUS SIREO

"The high level of professional and remarkable social skills of Dr. Strasser have significantly contributed to our junior staff being highly qualified and equipped with the appropriate time management tools to be able to deal intensively with the topic of change management / change processes. An unconditional practical approach, openness and goal-oriented strategies especially impressed the young bankers. We benefited from the qualities of Dr. Strasser and were able to discuss structure and prioritize important issues in a pleasant atmosphere..."

Thomas Schmidt
Board of Volksbank Oelde Ennigerloh-Neubeckum eG

"The days on Frauenwörth and particularly the exchange with the other women have really helped me move forward - both on a personal and professional basis."
Participant in the seminar "Passionate leadership"

Yvonne Prang
Senior Department Head, Compensation & Benefits, McDonald's Germany Inc.

"By working in the ‘Brand Lab’ our employees were closely involved in the relaunch of our brand and have thus become true brand ambassadors of Cirquent!"

Thomas Siegner
Head of Marketing, Cirquent GmbH KG

"Thank you for three entertaining days of training with a great mix of leadership theory and practical examples. Ms Vlahovic has a lot of experience – in her capacity as management trainer she had great success in giving us tips for the everyday use in management and to coach us in role-plays. I am very much looking forward to our refresher training with her!"

Conny Weigl
Team Leader redblue Marketing GmbH

"The speakers approached the topic ‘leadership’ from different perspectives and with very different expertise. This gave me new insights and I benefited enormously."
Participant in the seminar "Passionate leadership"

Birgit Popp
Head of Human Resources and Organizational Development Management, Media-Saturn Administration Germany

"Thanks to the leadership campaign we were able to introduce more clarity into our management processes and establish standardized instruments and values. Our managers were closely involved in the process and were offered trainings to prepare them for their new role."

Manfred Bosch
Managing Director, redblue Marketing GmbH

"Great thanks to Peter Drißl and Lucija Vlahovic for their extremely competent support in the design, implementation and execution of the training ‘Managing employees with mental health crises’. With them, we chose the right partners to preemptively tackle the strategic theme of mental crises at the workplace. We are convinced that our managers will benefit from the training."

Horst Kiehn
Director HR Kreissparkasse München Starnberg

"We thank Strasser and Strasser for the both perfect and genial structuring and monitoring of our seminar. We are convinced that through good guidance and management we have found a very clear and open way of communicating with each other and thereby have laid a foundation for further reorientation in this area."

Sven Korndörffer
Head of Corporate Communications, Aareal Bank

“I cannot recommend the module ‘systemic change management’ highly enough. Dr. Strasser’s vast knowledge and experience in this field and her keen sense of the great variety of actual work situations turned every module into an experience. I work with change processes on a daily basis and was able to gain many valuable ideas. I wanted to get started right away after each module.
Participant of the training module "Systemic Change Management"

Stefan Borst
Process Manager Change processes at the Sparkasse Ulm

"Since the Change Management Training with Strasser & Strasser we are very well set up: we are working successfully with the 8 levers of change ®, creating advocacy papers, communications and change management concepts and creating stakeholder analyses - in short: the methods and tools of Strasser & Strasser have proven themselves in the daily consultation practice of police authorities. Our Change Management powers have now become an integral part in the implementation of change projects to which Strasser & Strasser have also contributed!"

Hartmud Gardlo
Organizational consultant, State Department of Central Police Services NRW

"More intense and systematic communication than usual has opened new doors for us. Our employees are now more open to the Kaizen changes. I am especially pleased that we, as the management team stand behind them, and speak one language. After all, we are an important role model."

Dietmar Schuster
Head of Delphi plant, Osberghausen

“On behalf of the entire management team, I would like to use this opportunity to thank you, Dr. Strasser, once again for the support in conducting our workshop.
Yet again she did an excellent job in bringing us, as a team, one step further.”

Dr. Daniel Sicher
Managing Director, Intervet GmbH Germany

"I received many new ideas in this seminar for my current change project. Ms Vlahovic convinced with her impressive change management skills. She very successfully managed to introduce methods and basic principles of Change Management with practical examples and often directed towards our own issues. I can highly recommend Strasser & Strasser as experts in Change Management."

Klaus Laubheimer
Head of HR at ifm electronic gmbh, participant at DGFP Seminar "Change Management – to shape and control operational changes”

"Our visionary meeting was the crucial starting point for the beginning of our fiscal year: all employees are motivated, comprehend the business goals and know what and how they can contribute to the company's success. In addition, the two days have remarkably encouraged team spirit among all employees…"

Nikolaus Scholz
Managing Director Neopost GmbH & Co. KG

"For us, the Police Authorities of North Rhine-Westphalia, as ‘newcomers’ in Organizational Consulting, it was important to convey the principles of Change Management in the training modules ‘Systemic Change Management’ to use and apply in our consulting work.
During the events, Dr. Strasser was hugely successful in combining methods and empirical knowledge with practical examples from the participants. This took place in a form of constant learning and practicing in an environment characterized by mutual respect and positive feedback.
We feel well equipped! The 8 levers of change® have become an integral part of our practical work in our consultancy service and have proven themselves in practice. We can recommend this training offered and conducted by Strasser & Strasser without reservation.”
Participants of the training "Systemic Change Management"

Carsten Berg & Georg Szigeti
Organizational Consulting, State Bureau of Central Police Services NRW

"Ms Koch did a great job to make the school board aware of the extremely important but sensitive issue "personnel management”. As in our last meeting, you pointed out several aspects of this issue with great expertise and took into account the experiences, issues and needs of the participants. In that you made a decisive contribution to the success of the whole meeting. I can only thank you once again for your excellent work."

Josef Schätz
Government of Lower Bavaria, Head of Department Schools

"By addressing the issue of ‘performance’, our executives will continue to work at making the city of Munich a commercially successful company."

Dr. Thomas Böhle
Head of Human Resources and Organization Department, the City of Munich

"Without you our international restructuring project would not have run so well because without your help we would not have systematically structured the necessary steps. Successive constituents based on one another meant that we as managers were personally involved. The timing of the measure was vital. It was absolutely right to invest in ‘Change Activities and Coming Together’. Today we have a vision for this and the coming year and first synergy effects have already been generated."

Joachim Geißler & Thomas Dehn
Head of department Dealer Qualification Training & Head of Training and Training Organization Europe, BMW Group